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Contact Me

Amanda Blythe Photography has moved!

I am now receiving new wedding clients at Brandon O'Neal Photography.

Visit us at the link below:

Amanda Blythe Photography is Merging…


purple black and white logo as of 12-19-11gradient arrow

BOP Logo

I can’t help but to feel hopeful and excited for what the future is bringing to me.  After being in business for myself for well over six years as Amanda Blythe Photography, there has come a time for change. 

Effective today, I will be shooting solely as a Brandon O’Neal Photography wedding associate and Amy will be handling everything from administrative work to post production for Brandon and me.  Amy will also be taking care of existing Amanda Blythe Photography Lifestyle clients.  I encourage you all to support Amy on her new business venture.  You can still reach Amy through her own business name of            Amy Konieczka Photography, LLC.

Amy, Brandon and I have become somewhat of a three musketeer bunch over the last couple of years and we are so excited to be making this move together.

To our past clients:  Thank you so much for your trust in Amy and me.  We have been truly honored to be a part of your lives, whether it was photographing your newborns first year of life or your child’s wedding…  We hope that we have perfectly preserved your memories.  Thank you.

To our current clients:  We love you all so much.  We are truly grateful for your trust in us as well.  If you are a current bride/client of ours, have no fear.  All things will be handled as usual operation with your weddings, sessions and parties.  You will remain to be spoiled along your journey to your sessions/events and we will bring nothing but top notch service to you throughout.

To our future clients:  We are absolutely stoked for what’s coming down the pike over at Brandon O’Neal Photography and cannot wait to serve you there!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at …. I’ll be here.

Last but most certainly not least… God.  With hundreds of sessions and weddings past, none of this journey would have been possible if not for His hand of favor on my life and Amy’s as well.  We recognize Him to be our provider and our keeper.  Thank you Lord for your providence in this and we trust that even greater things are ahead…

Until we meet again, much love, hugs and kisses… xoxo

Amanda Blythe Signature purple for blog

[ a few outtakes from these past years of fun together... ]


Mr and Mrs Rodrigue | Renaissance Hotel Baton Rouge, La

Photographed by Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka

2013-12-29_0001 2013-12-29_0002 2013-12-29_0003 2013-12-29_0004 2013-12-29_0005 2013-12-29_0006 2013-12-29_0007 2013-12-29_00092013-12-29_00082013-12-29_00112013-12-29_00102013-12-29_00132013-12-29_00122013-12-29_0014 2013-12-29_0015 2013-12-29_0016 2013-12-29_0017 2013-12-29_0018 2013-12-29_0019 2013-12-29_0020 2013-12-29_0021 2013-12-29_0022 2013-12-29_0023 2013-12-29_0024 2013-12-29_0026 2013-12-29_0027 2013-12-29_0029 2013-12-29_0030 2013-12-29_0031 2013-12-29_0032 2013-12-29_0033 2013-12-29_0034 2013-12-29_0035 2013-12-29_0036 2013-12-29_0037 2013-12-29_00412013-12-29_0038 2013-12-29_0039 2013-12-29_00402013-12-29_0042 2013-12-29_00442013-12-29_00432013-12-29_0045 2013-12-29_0046 2013-12-29_0047 2013-12-29_0048 2013-12-29_00502013-12-29_00492013-12-29_00522013-12-29_00512013-12-29_0053 2013-12-29_0054 2013-12-29_0055 2013-12-29_0056 2013-12-29_0057 2013-12-29_0058 2013-12-29_0059 2013-12-29_0060 2013-12-29_0061 2013-12-29_0062 2013-12-29_0063 2013-12-29_0064 2013-12-29_0065 2013-12-29_0066 2013-12-29_0067 2013-12-29_0068 2013-12-29_0069 2013-12-29_0070 2013-12-29_00722013-12-29_00712013-12-29_0073 2013-12-29_0074 2013-12-29_0075


Mr and Mrs Jarreau | Fleur de Lis Event Center

Photographed by Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka 




Stacy [Blushing Bride] Baton Rouge Photographer

Photographed by Amanda Blythe

2013-10-14_0022 2013-10-14_0023 2013-10-14_0024 2013-10-14_0025 2013-10-14_0026 2013-10-14_0027 2013-10-14_0028 2013-10-14_0029 2013-10-14_0030 2013-10-14_0031 2013-10-14_0032 2013-10-14_0033 2013-10-14_0034 2013-10-14_0035 2013-10-14_0036 2013-10-14_0037 2013-10-14_0038 2013-10-14_0039 2013-10-14_0040 2013-10-14_0041 2013-10-14_0042 2013-10-14_0043 2013-10-14_0044 2013-10-14_0045 2013-10-14_0046 2013-10-14_0047 2013-10-14_0048 2013-10-14_0049 2013-10-14_0050 2013-10-14_0051 2013-10-14_0052

Mr. and Mrs. Hebert | Albany Plantation

Photographed by Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka

2013-11-19_0001 2013-11-19_0002 2013-11-19_0003 2013-11-19_0004 2013-11-19_0005 2013-11-19_0006 2013-11-19_0007 2013-11-19_0008 2013-11-19_0009 2013-11-19_0010 2013-11-19_0011 2013-11-19_0012 2013-11-19_0013 2013-11-19_0014 2013-11-19_0015 2013-11-19_0016 2013-11-19_0017 2013-11-19_0018 2013-11-19_0019 2013-11-19_0020 2013-11-19_0021 2013-11-19_0022 2013-11-19_0023 2013-11-19_0024 2013-11-19_0025 2013-11-19_0026 2013-11-19_0027 2013-11-19_0028 2013-11-19_0029 2013-11-19_0030 2013-11-19_0031 2013-11-19_0032 2013-11-19_00342013-11-19_00332013-11-19_0035 2013-11-19_0036 2013-11-19_00402013-11-19_0038 2013-11-19_00392013-11-19_0041 2013-11-19_0042 2013-11-19_0043 2013-11-19_0044 2013-11-19_0045 2013-11-19_0046 2013-11-19_0047 2013-11-19_0048 2013-11-19_0049 2013-11-19_0050 2013-11-19_0051 2013-11-19_00522013-11-19_00532013-11-19_0054 2013-11-19_0055 2013-11-19_0056 2013-11-19_0057 2013-11-19_0058 2013-11-19_0059 2013-11-19_0060 2013-11-19_0061 2013-11-19_00662013-11-19_0062 2013-11-19_0063 2013-11-19_0064 2013-11-19_00652013-11-19_0067 2013-11-19_0068 2013-11-19_0069 2013-11-19_0070 2013-11-19_0072 2013-11-19_0073 2013-11-19_0074 2013-11-19_0075 2013-11-19_0076 2013-11-19_0077 2013-11-19_0078 2013-11-19_0079 2013-11-19_0080 2013-11-19_0081 2013-11-19_0082 2013-11-19_0083 2013-11-19_0084 2013-11-19_00862013-11-19_00852013-11-19_00892013-11-19_00882013-11-19_00872013-11-19_0090 2013-11-19_0091 2013-11-19_0092 2013-11-19_0093 2013-11-19_0094 2013-11-19_0095 2013-11-19_0096 2013-11-19_00982013-11-19_00972013-11-19_0099



Kristal [Blushing Bride] New Orleans Photographer

Photographed by Amanda Blythe

2013-10-08_0001 2013-10-08_0002 2013-10-08_0003 2013-10-08_0004 2013-10-08_00062013-10-08_00052013-10-08_0007 2013-10-08_0008 2013-10-08_0009 2013-10-08_0010 2013-10-08_0011 2013-10-08_0012 2013-10-08_0013 2013-10-08_0014 2013-10-08_0015 2013-10-08_0016 2013-10-08_00172013-10-08_0020 2013-10-08_0021 2013-10-08_0022 2013-10-08_0023 2013-10-08_0024 2013-10-08_0025 2013-10-08_0026

Danielle [Blushing Bride] Central, La

Photographed by Amanda Blythe

2013-09-20_00022013-09-20_00012013-09-20_0003 2013-09-20_0005 2013-09-20_00072013-09-20_00062013-09-20_0008 2013-09-20_0009 2013-09-20_0010 2013-09-20_0011 2013-09-20_0012 2013-09-20_0013 2013-09-20_00182013-09-20_0014 2013-09-20_0015 2013-09-20_0016


Brandy & Callen [The In-Love Pair] :: St. Francisville Engagement Photographer

Photographed by Amanda Blythe 

2013-10-14_00212013-10-14_0001 2013-10-14_0002 2013-10-14_00042013-10-14_00032013-10-14_0005 2013-10-14_0006 2013-10-14_00072013-10-14_00082013-10-14_00102013-10-14_00092013-10-14_00122013-10-14_00112013-10-14_0013 2013-10-14_0014 2013-10-14_0015 2013-10-14_0016 2013-10-14_00182013-10-14_00172013-10-14_00192013-10-14_0020
2013-10-14_0022 2013-10-14_0023 2013-10-14_0024 2013-10-14_0025 2013-10-14_0026 2013-10-14_0027 2013-10-14_0028 2013-10-14_0029


Mr. & Mrs. Woodley [Sunrise Session] Punta Cana, D.R.

Photographed by Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka

Resort: Paradisus Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

2013-09-22_0110 2013-09-22_0111 2013-09-22_0112 2013-09-22_0113 2013-09-22_0114 2013-09-22_0115 2013-09-22_0116 2013-09-22_0117 2013-09-22_0118 2013-09-22_0119 2013-09-22_0120 2013-09-22_0121 2013-09-22_0122 2013-09-22_0123 2013-09-22_0124 2013-09-22_0125 2013-09-22_01272013-09-22_01262013-09-22_0128 2013-09-22_0129 2013-09-22_0130 2013-09-22_0131 2013-09-22_0132 2013-09-22_0133 2013-09-22_0134



Alex and Ernest [Destination Wedding] Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Photographed by: Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka

Resort: Paradisus Punta Cana

Wedding Venue: Jellyfish Resturant Punta Cana

Wedding Coordinator: Mayte’ Marie and Jellyfish Staff

Fire Dancers: Agua Azul Performances and Shows

2013-09-22_0002 2013-09-22_0003 2013-09-22_0004 2013-09-22_0005 2013-09-22_0006 2013-09-22_0007 2013-09-22_0008 2013-09-22_0009 2013-09-22_0010 2013-09-22_00122013-09-22_00112013-09-22_0013 2013-09-22_0014 2013-09-22_0015 2013-09-22_0016 2013-09-22_0017 2013-09-22_0018 2013-09-22_0019 2013-09-22_0020 2013-09-22_0021 2013-09-22_0022 2013-09-22_00242013-09-22_00232013-09-22_0025 2013-09-22_0026 2013-09-22_0027 2013-09-22_0028 2013-09-22_0029 2013-09-22_0030 2013-09-22_0032 2013-09-22_0033 2013-09-22_0034 2013-09-22_0035 2013-09-22_0036 2013-09-22_0037 2013-09-22_0038 2013-09-22_0039 2013-09-22_0040 2013-09-22_00622013-09-22_0041 2013-09-22_0042 2013-09-22_0043 2013-09-22_0044 2013-09-22_0045 2013-09-22_0046 2013-09-22_0047 2013-09-22_0048 2013-09-22_0049 2013-09-22_0050 2013-09-22_0051 2013-09-22_0052 2013-09-22_0053 2013-09-22_0054 2013-09-22_0055 2013-09-22_0056 2013-09-22_00632013-09-22_0057 2013-09-22_0058 2013-09-22_00612013-09-22_0059 2013-09-22_00602013-09-22_0064 2013-09-22_0065 2013-09-22_0066 2013-09-22_0067 2013-09-22_0068 2013-09-22_0069 2013-09-22_00712013-09-22_00702013-09-22_0072 2013-09-22_0073 2013-09-22_0074 2013-09-22_0075 2013-09-22_0076 2013-09-22_0077 2013-09-22_0078 2013-09-22_0079 2013-09-22_0080 2013-09-22_0081 2013-09-22_0082 2013-09-22_0083 2013-09-22_0084 2013-09-22_0085 2013-09-22_0086 2013-09-22_0087 2013-09-22_0088 2013-09-22_0089 2013-09-22_0090 2013-09-22_0091 2013-09-22_0092 2013-09-22_0093 2013-09-22_0094 2013-09-22_0095 2013-09-22_0096 2013-09-22_0097 2013-09-22_0098 2013-09-22_0099 2013-09-22_0100 2013-09-22_0101 2013-09-22_0102 2013-09-22_0103 2013-09-22_0104 2013-09-22_0105 2013-09-22_0106 2013-09-22_0107 2013-09-22_0108 2013-09-22_0109