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Contact Me

Amanda Blythe Photography has moved!

I am now receiving new wedding clients at Brandon O'Neal Photography.

Visit us at the link below:

Congrats Mr and Mrs McCormick [New Orleans Destination Wedding]

Photographed by Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka

Preparations: Omni Hotel

Ceremony: Pharmacy Museum 

Reception: Antoine’s Restaurant 

Wedding Coordinator: Taylor Quintini with Taylor Made Weddings

Band: Jay Walkers

2013-09-02_0001 2013-09-02_0002 2013-09-02_0003 2013-09-02_0004 2013-09-02_0005 2013-09-02_0006 2013-09-02_0007 2013-09-02_0008 2013-09-02_0009 2013-09-02_0010 2013-09-02_0011 2013-09-02_0012 2013-09-02_0013 2013-09-02_0014 2013-09-02_0015 2013-09-02_0016 2013-09-02_0017 2013-09-02_0018 2013-09-02_0019 2013-09-02_0020 2013-09-02_0021 2013-09-02_0022 2013-09-02_0023 2013-09-02_0024 2013-09-02_0025 2013-09-02_0026 2013-09-02_0027 2013-09-02_0028 2013-09-02_0029 2013-09-02_0030 2013-09-02_00372013-09-02_0031 2013-09-02_0032 2013-09-02_0033 2013-09-02_0034 2013-09-02_0035 2013-09-02_00362013-09-02_0038 2013-09-02_0039 2013-09-02_0040 2013-09-02_0041 2013-09-02_0042 2013-09-02_0043 2013-09-02_0044 2013-09-02_0045 2013-09-02_0046 2013-09-02_0047 2013-09-02_0048 2013-09-02_0049 2013-09-02_0050 2013-09-02_0051 2013-09-02_0052 2013-09-02_0053 2013-09-02_0054 2013-09-02_0055 2013-09-02_0056 2013-09-02_0057 2013-09-02_0058 2013-09-02_0059 2013-09-02_0060 2013-09-02_0061 2013-09-02_00642013-09-02_00622013-09-02_0065 2013-09-02_0067 2013-09-02_0068 2013-09-02_0069 2013-09-02_0070 2013-09-02_0071 2013-09-02_0072 2013-09-02_0073 2013-09-02_0074 2013-09-02_0075 2013-09-02_0076 2013-09-02_0077 2013-09-02_0078 2013-09-02_0079 2013-09-02_0080 2013-09-02_0081 2013-09-02_0083 2013-09-02_0084 2013-09-02_0085 2013-09-02_0086 2013-09-02_0087 2013-09-02_0088 2013-09-02_0089 2013-09-02_0090 2013-09-02_0091 2013-09-02_0092 2013-09-02_0093 2013-09-02_0094 2013-09-02_0095 2013-09-02_0096 2013-09-02_0097


It’s time to head back to the Caribbean for another beautiful destination wedding at the JellyFish in Punta Cana, D.R. ! 

We will be out of the office from

Thursday, September 5th – Monday, September 9th

We will have limited access to the internet and will return all emails and messages on Tuesday, September 10th.  

Please be sure to follow our travels on our Amanda Blythe Facebook Fanpage

See you guys soon!

XOX~ Amanda and Amy 


Brooke and Zach [Riviera Maya, Mexico] Destination Wedding

Photographed by Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka 

Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Resort: Azul Sensatori Hotel Mexico 

Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0001 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0007Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0008Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0004Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0002
Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0005

Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0006

Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0003



Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0010Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0009Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0011 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0012 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0013 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0014 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0015 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0016 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0017 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0018 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0019 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0020 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0021 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0022 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0023 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0024 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0025 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0026 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0027 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0028 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0029 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0030 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0031 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0032 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0033 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0034 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0035 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0036 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0037 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0038 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0039 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0040 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0041 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0042 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0043 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0044 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0045 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0046 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0047 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0048 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0049 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0050 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0051 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0052 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0053 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0054 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0056Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0055Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0057 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0058 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0059 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0060 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0061 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0062 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0063 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0064 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0065 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0066 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0067 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0068 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0069 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0070 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0071 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0072 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0073 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0074 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0075 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0076 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0077 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0078 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0079 Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_00802Riviera Maya Mexico Azul Sensatori_0081

Joi and Brian [Punta Cana, D.R. JellyFish Wedding]

Photographed by: Amanda Blythe and Amy Konieczka

Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Resort: Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

Makeup: Shaune’ Hayes 

Wedding Venue: JellyFish Restaurant

Wedding Coordinator: Mayte Marie

 Fire Dancers: Agua de Oliveira

2013-07-25_00052013-07-25_0007 2013-07-25_0008 2013-07-25_00102013-07-25_00092013-07-25_0011 2013-07-25_0012 2013-07-25_0013 2013-07-25_0014 2013-07-25_00162013-07-25_00152013-07-25_00172013-07-25_00182013-07-25_0019 2013-07-25_0020 2013-07-25_0021 2013-07-25_0022 2013-07-25_0023 2013-07-25_0024 2013-07-25_00342013-07-25_00272013-07-25_0025 2013-07-25_00292013-07-25_00262013-07-25_00282013-07-25_0030 2013-07-25_00322013-07-25_00312013-07-25_00352013-07-25_00332013-07-25_0036 2013-07-25_0037 2013-07-25_00392013-07-25_00382013-07-25_0040 2013-07-25_0041 2013-07-25_0042 2013-07-25_0043 2013-07-25_0044 2013-07-25_0045 2013-07-25_0046 2013-07-25_0047 2013-07-25_0048 2013-07-25_0049 2013-07-25_0050 2013-07-25_0051 2013-07-25_0052 2013-07-25_0053 2013-07-25_00572013-07-25_0054 2013-07-25_0055 2013-07-25_00562013-07-25_0058 2013-07-25_0059 2013-07-25_00682013-07-25_00642013-07-25_0060 2013-07-25_00712013-07-25_00722013-07-25_0061 2013-07-25_0066 2013-07-25_00672013-07-25_00652013-07-25_00632013-07-25_0069 2013-07-25_00702013-07-25_00832013-07-25_00732013-07-25_0062 2013-07-25_0074 2013-07-25_0075 2013-07-25_0076 2013-07-25_0077 2013-07-25_0078 2013-07-25_0079 2013-07-25_0080 2013-07-25_0081 2013-07-25_0082 2013-07-25_0085


Sunrise Session after the wedding…. Such a sweet family! 2013-07-25_0086 2013-07-25_0087 2013-07-25_0088 2013-07-25_0089 2013-07-25_0090 2013-07-25_0091 2013-07-25_0092 2013-07-25_0094



Streva Wedding Sneek Peek [Mexico Destination Wedding]

Just a few sneeks from our most recent destination wedding… enjoy!  More to come soon & Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Streva!


amanda and amy signature for blog

Dress hanging at Azul Sensatori

Azul Sensatori

Azul Sensatori 2

Azul Sensatori 3

Azul Sensatori 4

Shoes at Azul Sensatori Beach Mexico

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings 2

Azul Sensatori 5

Azul Sensatori 6

Azul Sensatori 7

Azul Sensatori 8

Azul Sensatori 9 First Look

Azul Sensatori Beach Riviera Maya

Azul Sensatori Beach Riviera Maya 2

Azul Sensatori Beach Riviera Maya 3


[Out of Office]


We are headed to Riviera Maya, Mexico to capture another beautiful Destination Wedding!

We will be out of office from

Wednesday, June 12 – Monday, June 17.

We will have limited internet access and will return all emails on Tuesday, June 18th.

Please be sure to follow our travels on our Facebook Page by clicking HERE!  

XOX~ Amy and Amanda


Kristal and Josh [In-Love-Pair] Baton Rouge, La Photographer

Photographed by Amanda Blythe

2013-05-29_0001 2013-05-29_0002 2013-05-29_0003 2013-05-29_00062013-05-29_00042013-05-29_00052013-05-29_00082013-05-29_00072013-05-29_0009 2013-05-29_0010 2013-05-29_00122013-05-29_00112013-05-29_0013 2013-05-29_0014 2013-05-29_0015 2013-05-29_0016 2013-05-29_0017 2013-05-29_00192013-05-29_0018
2013-05-29_0020 2013-05-29_0021 2013-05-29_0022 2013-05-29_0023 2013-05-29_0024 2013-05-29_0025 2013-05-29_0026 2013-05-29_00282013-05-29_0027
2013-05-29_0029 2013-05-29_00312013-05-29_0030
2013-05-29_0032 2013-05-29_00352013-05-29_00332013-05-29_00362013-05-29_0034

[SNEAK PEEK] Joi and Brian Jellyfish Wedding in Punta Cana, D.R.

Just a tiny sneak peek of what’s to come….

Congratulations to Joi and Brian, they had a beautiful destination caribbean wedding at the Jellyfish in Punta Cana, D.R. this past week!

Cannot wait to share more! 


amanda and amy signature for blog

164911_644433312237506_1662663429_n 981587_644433285570842_819018158_o 970050_644433322237505_806938936_n 969895_644433355570835_1792395335_n 964320_644433268904177_1857244649_o 189903_644148692265968_39806217_n 947369_644148715599299_1160235897_n 942093_644149805599190_503235461_n 944307_644433352237502_1469461973_n 946559_644148628932641_1108517464_n 941522_644433385570832_1012153306_n 931381_644488938898610_1983675626_n 603497_644148658932638_1946224786_n931248_644433405570830_825449089_n481773_644484952232342_773788417_n 428035_644484945565676_740690712_n 374309_644148758932628_809095397_n 316174_644148645599306_867013092_n294824_644148662265971_1247895458_n 253326_644148775599293_1332198422_n

We’ll Be Back, Ya’ll….

[Out of Office Notice]

This year we are so excited to have welcomed four new Caribbean brides! We will be traveling quite a bit this year and out of the office at times. Client communication and prompt responses has always been priority at Amanda Blythe Photography and we want to make sure you are informed.

We will have limited access to the internet this week while we are shooting in the beautiful Dominican Republic. We will do our best to check our emails every day, however, we may not be able to respond to you right away. We will reply to your emails upon our arrival back in the office on Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

We love each and every one of you and we will miss you!!! 


amanda and amy signature for blogABP Out Of Country Promo with white border resized2013-05-13_0002

Mr and Mrs Fontenot [Lafayette, La Wedding Photographer]

Photographed by Amanda Blythe 

946865_641493869198117_861546263_n 947081_641493892531448_2026879425_n 971890_641493952531442_1427412196_n 972247_641493919198112_1687819346_n 944232_641496219197882_36099050_n 923536_641493859198118_1093592297_n 247614_641493992531438_1906017934_n 943348_641493825864788_1128447114_n 428388_641496315864539_1195070591_n941726_641494015864769_629500194_n431871_641494089198095_1183787580_n969848_641494169198087_521492404_n 525209_641494109198093_142673553_n970557_641494249198079_1631612015_n945675_641495515864619_1071083968_n 945617_641495422531295_1729700107_n941729_641494539198050_1904666585_n 183137_641494392531398_857068938_n395647_641494469198057_1305674634_n935499_641494372531400_1980076266_n395631_641494259198078_525769320_n942501_641495362531301_777137064_n931246_641494812531356_207530909_n 428503_641495402531297_2039483821_n485552_641494759198028_156653687_n 922789_641494079198096_1339756051_n321441_641494589198045_2115097025_n163558_641494009198103_747938924_n970575_641494609198043_1494746988_n 480340_641494742531363_74548292_n969887_641494862531351_1972405644_n408509_641494715864699_534329426_n 969726_641494702531367_2022771664_n248285_641495095864661_1215582197_n428738_641494942531343_731250134_n401911_641494805864690_918751100_n 260363_641495105864660_1024616287_n970460_641495549197949_1437648714_n 946906_641496065864564_1926260575_n 944237_641495235864647_1242668554_n 945956_641495069197997_1785927893_n 283718_641495312531306_722923933_n941978_641495489197955_576097781_n 923083_641495265864644_1087592801_n184464_641495555864615_1931241644_n941909_641495865864584_1900154454_n 923282_641495842531253_228598285_n936283_641495989197905_1322936862_n247750_641495849197919_894084906_n417786_641495955864575_795988032_n936944_641496035864567_1523080764_n931162_641496162531221_1660970602_n182588_641496262531211_626421461_n947198_641496149197889_2111495975_n 943329_641496095864561_1208397097_n 942592_641496079197896_1042657597_n 417836_641496205864550_779560118_n942009_641496052531232_1685465173_n182533_641496152531222_288306580_n 179151_641495139197990_160954703_n935466_641496312531206_611625888_n 935548_641496289197875_1418881540_n 970321_641496592531178_366541766_n 401832_641496585864512_2052340753_n946140_641496819197822_1259350113_n946568_641497085864462_1297388223_n946927_641496765864494_1313506123_n946927_641497029197801_1812058732_n972287_641497055864465_412860497_n946967_641496689197835_1710643551_n 945926_641496862531151_1889862291_n947205_641496722531165_1457909153_n944453_641496682531169_1574245282_n945854_641496932531144_344034851_n944346_641496569197847_1135721681_n 431778_641496879197816_1727761089_n182816_641496779197826_1020633781_n 601946_641496919197812_1431094837_n249064_641496899197814_548201864_n 260282_641496995864471_15997761_n945407_641496495864521_373273662_n 283681_641496455864525_2096396000_n945058_641496465864524_262897646_n

VENUE: River Oaks Catering and Event Center